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Minecraft is a very popular online sandbox video game developed by Mojang. It has over 180 million copies sold across the Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. In this game, players explore a blocky, procedurally generated 3D world, to uncover and extract raw materials, craft materials for survival, build structures, etc. Players can fight mobs controlled by computer and can also compete or work together with other players.

We at AELog have compiled the best Minecraft server list online. Each of these servers has its own rules, gameplay, and communities. Some of these servers mimic some popular games and movies, like Westeros craft, which is like a Minecraft Game of Thrones, and Grand Theft Minecart, which mimics the popular GTA game.

Minecraft 1.6

What you should know about our Minecraft server list

Minecraft servers allow players to play online or through a local area network with other people. Multiple types of Minecraft servers exist, each with their unique gameplay, features, and rules. None of these servers are the same, as they rely on the use of map editors and creative game modes to build maps and other software to provide additional features.

Some servers are PvP and involve survival, creative, and adventure mode. Some have a built-in economy and many of them have minigames to provide the ultimate experience to players.

These Minecraft servers can be player-owned, or business owned multiplayer game servers. These servers are managed by the server operators who have access to the server commands and can set restrictions on which usernames or IP addresses are allowed to play on the server. These servers have numerous activities you can partake in, and they all have their own unique rules.

The largest server is the Hypixel server, which has been visited by up to 14 million players. Other popular servers include PirateCraft, Desteria, Grand theft Minecart, The mining dead, PixelmonCraft, and more.

How to join a Minecraft server

Joining a Minecraft server on the Windows 10 edition

  • Find your desired server’s address and port number and open Minecraft.
  • Sign in if required and click let’s play
  • Click on the “Play” button
  • Click on “Servers” and then on “Add server”
  • Enter the server’s name, IP address and port number in the boxes provided. Click on “Save”.

Joining a Minecraft server on the Java edition

  • You will need to know the address of the Minecraft server you want to join before you can proceed.
  • When you have the IP address, open Minecraft, sign in and click play.
  • On the window that appears, click on multiplayer, on Windows, you will need to allow access on the firewall prompt before you can continue.
  • Click on the “add server button”. On the window that appears, enter the server name and its IP address in the space provided and click done.
  • When you see the server name and status bar appear, click on the server’s name to select it and click on “join server” and you can begin to enjoy your game.

Joining a Minecraft Pocket edition server on your mobile phone

  • Find the server IP address and port number
  • Open Minecraft, log in to your Xbox Live account if required and tap “Let’s play”
  • On the Minecraft PE screen, tap on play and tap on servers and then add server
  • On the window that appears, enter the server name, IP address and port number and tap save. This will add the server to your server’s page
  • To join the server, go to your server’s page and tap on the server wait for it to load and enjoy
  • You must be connected to Wi-Fi to connect to your server

Joining a Minecraft Pocket edition server on Xbox One

  • Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition. On the Minecraft Xbox One edition, you cannot join a server without being invited.
  • Tap play and select servers. This will show all available servers.
  • Select a server by highlighting your desired server and press A. This connects you to the server.

If your friend hosts a realm server and sends you an invitation code, you can join the server by following these simple steps.

  • Click “Play”
  • Click on the Friends tab
  • Click “Join Realm”
  • Enter the invite code in the “invite code” section
  • Click “Join”.

The best Minecraft server list

Aelog has compiled Minecraft server list (Find the best Minecraft servers) to enable you to have a brief knowledge of what to expect from these servers, thereby making it easy for you to choose which server you use to explore the Minecraft world.


This is one of the oldest and most popular Minecraft servers in existence. It is full of amazing games like Murder Mystery, Cops and Crims, Bed wars, Ultra Hardcore, Build wars, and Skyblock.

It has up to 30,000 players active at a time, and each of these games has its coins, quests, and lobbies. This server has numerous categories of games, including shooters, arcade, team, and hardcore survival, hide and seek, and so much more.


This is the largest Minecraft server in the world. The server’s main features are its minigames on customized maps with different challenges. There are several categories of Mineplex minigames. They include arcade, survival, champions, clans, holiday, classics. Mineplex is also a great place to play MineKart, a recreation of Mario Kart.

Potterworld MC

As the server’s name implies, this is a recreation of the Harry Potter universe. It covers all aspects of the Wizarding world from allowing you to become a wizard to dueling other wizards and even playing quidditch.

The server also allows you to explore Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Platform 93/4, and more.
Brawl: This server offers a wide variety of entertaining game modes including Call of duty, DayZ, Survival games, Counter-strike, creative, capture the flag, Minecraft build, Minecraft party, Minecraft WarZ, Raid, Last man standing and so much more.

Grand theft Minecart

This server combines the features of Minecraft and Grand theft auto to give you the ultimate experience. It is the most played Grand theft auto server in Minecraft.

It has 35 custom weapons from shotguns to snipers, and custom vehicles from cars to tanks and planes. This server is perfect for children who are not old enough to play GTA. This server provides an amazing recreation of the GTA experience.


This server converts the popular Pixelmon mod and turns it into a multiplayer server. It is spread across two servers to recreate popular locations from the Kanto and Johto regions of the game series. You can fight Gym leaders, shop in PokeMarts, and catch Pokemons to catch and use in battles.


On this server, you can plunder, sail, and build. This server has a ship to ship combat mechanic. You can build ships and sail them across the seas, and fire at enemy ships with fully functioning cannons. Players can build structures on safe zones to store their treasures.

This server gives a complete pirating experience as you can steal ships provided the owner is not on the ship, and siege other players collecting their treasures.


Among other Minecraft Faction networks, this is regarded as the oldest Minecraft with some interesting features, and this server is ideal for roleplaying game lovers. It has four classes, and a rich selection of factions also makes for a great PvP game.

Minecraft Middle-earth

There are numerous Lord of Rings servers, but this is the best one available. It is based on the Peter Jackson cinematic version of middle earth from Tolkien’s Lord of Rings. The world is not yet complete, and you can help continue with the building of this world of wonders. You can also explore the shire, go for sightseeing, enter the servers PvP zone to test your abilities.


This server combines the world of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones and Minecraft. This server recreates all the major locations from the series from the Wall, to Winterfell and King’s landing it promises to be a wonderful experience. It is another server that is still in the building process, and you can also join in the building process.

The Mining dead

This is a recreation of The Walking Dead. It is a zombie survival game featuring popular locations from The Walking Dead series like Alexandria and The Prison. Players do whatever they can to survive from fighting both zombies and players to crafting.  


This server features player-killing and deception, and if you prefer a lot of fighting, this is the server for you. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible while being up against mobs, player killers.


This is a server, which aimed to get from one point to another, progressing in a complex environment. It is filled with a lot of challenging maps, and players have to run and climb to surpass complex maps. This server may not be easy for beginners but with practice, it can become very entertaining.

Minecraft Gameplay & Game Modes

Gameplay in Minecraft is mostly adding and destroying blocks in a random world. With these blocks, players can manipulate the world around them. Minecraft consists of five game modes namely, Survival, Creative, Adventure, Hardcore, and Spectator. We will be looking at each of these modes.

Survival mode

In this mode, players have health, experience bars, and can wear armor. Players cut down trees to get wood and go to the inventory to turn them into planks to make various items. Clicking the button will open the chatbox, essential to players in survival multiplayer.

This is the default mode and the most popular in single-player worlds. The player can break blocks and interact with the environment and take damage from other players and mobs. Players have to find food to keep themselves fed to survive.

Player’s death can be caused by attacks from mobs or other players or by hunger. When the players die, they are teleported to the world’s spawn point. This game mode provides a real Minecraft experience as players have to build, explore, and survive.

Creative mode

In creative mode, the player has an unlimited supply of blocks and other items. Players are invulnerable. They do not have health armor or hunger, and they can fly. Creative is mostly patronized by players who want to build structures but do not want to spend large amounts of time mining and collecting materials.

Players can only die if they fall into the void or are targeted by the /kill command. Players also have access to commands, they can switch between game modes with the /game mode command, set the time and weather with the /time and /weather commands respectively and teleport themselves and other players.

Adventure mode

The mode is mainly for players who want to explore maps for minigames. In this mode, players cannot place or destroy blocks unless they have a “CanPlaceOn” and CanDestroy tag respectively. Weapons can be used against enemies, and players can interact with objects such as levers or buttons and mobs. This game mode makes the map more challenging and real as it ensures that no player can cheat.


This game mode is aimed at recreating reality. As the name implies, it is the hardest of the five Minecraft game modes. When players die, the map is deleted, or the player can continue in spectator mode. The difficulty level in this mode is permanently set to hard, and the player takes more damage than in other game modes.

The player is permanently or temporarily banned from the server upon death. This makes gameplay risky as the players have to be very cautious of their present environment.

Spectator mode

In this mode, players can enter the bodies of other mobs and view the world from their perspective. They are invisible to other players except for other spectators. They cannot interact with other players. This mode can be accessed by using the command /game mode “spectator”.

Final Words

With this compilation list of Minecraft servers, we here at Aelog have provided we hope that you were able to choose from these servers we have listed. If so, please do not hesitate to dive into the world of Minecraft and have the ultimate experience.