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FiveM is one of the most popular roleplaying mods for the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) game. While GTA 5 is one of the most played open-world games in the world, it is highly limited in what it can offer players.

With a mod like FiveM, players can enjoy the game on dedicated servers that give them unlimited access and several functionalities that they may not get ordinarily playing the game on through the official gaming server.

AELog is the right place to find the perfect FiveM servers and also show you the benefits players enjoy when they use the best mods. Check our our FiveM Server List of the best servers here at AELog.

FiveM role-play server list

Important Facts About FiveM

First of all, it is important to know what mods are to appreciate how this helps your gameplay as a player who loves Grand Theft Auto. Mods are gaming modifications that are customized to improve the performance of games. This improvement can be in the form of additional functionalities or an expansion of the capabilities of the player in the game.

To fully understand the impact of FiveM Mod on the GTA gameplay, it is important to first appreciate the limitations of playing the game on the official server of the game. One major limitation that comes with this is that the in-game money you have can easily finish and then you are left stranded and in need of more money.

Players have to solve this problem by spending real money to get what they want. However, with FiveM RP, you don’t have such a limitation. It gives you the capability to play without needing to spend money to get some things in the game.

This is the reason why it is better to find the best FiveM servers to enjoy the game to the max.

What Exactly is FiveM?

FiveM is the most important platform for playing Grand Theft Auto V online. This is because it is through the mod that players can play this game on dedicated servers.

Aelog is the right place to check for the server list. It is practically impossible to play GTA 5 on dedicated third-party servers except through this kind of mod. The FiveM mod allows players the full experience of the GTA 5 game and even gives them the capability to customize that experience. 

There are many ways the mod helps players customize their gaming experience. The following are some of them.

  • Custom maps
  • Usage of plugins
  • Custom scripts
  • Custom cars

Using the FiveM mod helps you make the most of the GTA 5 game without having to go through any hassles to do it.

All you have to do is find the best FiveM Server List available on the internet. One place to go online to get the best list is AELog.

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How To Find The Best FiveM Servers Online

If you are looking for the best FIVEM Servers to join, it is important to know the right steps to take to find it. There are a host of options you would come across online all promising you the best experience. But it is not all of them that can deliver on those promises, so you need to know how to find the best server list for the mod.

The most important functionality of the mod is giving you the best gaming experience, so you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have an ill-equipped server that limits the possibilities you can enjoy.

The easiest way to find the best server list is to take a cue from what people who have used the mod server service are saying about the option they have chosen. The better the comments, the more assured you are of good quality.

Use AELogs Top Server List

There is no overemphasizing the fact that getting the best FiveM server list is the most important step you would have to take to secure your gameplay with ease. And the key to securing the best FiveM servers is knowing the provider that has what it takes to deliver top-quality servers to you.

One such provider is us here at Aelog. We’ve been in the dedicated and custom server business for games for a long time and they have created the perfect server for the GTA 5 game. They are a platform you can trust and that have a good history with players.

What To Look For In FiveM Servers

if you want to get the best FiveM server and be sure to secure the best gaming experience for your Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay, then you need to know the right place to go on the internet to get the quality servers you want.

The question you should ask, first, is; how do you know a quality server? The simple answer is that it does what it says it would do. This then leads to the next question, which is; what do you look for in a server provider to be sure they are the right option for you?

The following are some of the key pointers to look for.


The best FiveM server providers are the best because they enable versatility. They provide services that are versatile and that are not limited to certain functionalities and capabilities.

One of the areas of their versatility is the spread of the operating systems they work with. Whether you use Linux or Windows, they have the perfect servers for you.

Track Record

Another important pointer to look for when making your choice is the track record of the server hosting service provider. The best providers have the best and friendliest track records. Their consistency over the years in providing users with the best experience makes them perfect for you.

This is the reason why Aelog comes highly recommended. They have a proven track record that goes back years.

Support Systems

Player support is one of the most important aspects of using a FiveM server. This is very important for many reasons. First, players may need technical support in the areas of installation and configuration.

The best server hosting service providers ensure players can get the support they need without any hassles. Therefore, you need to find providers that offer you the most reliable and the friendliest support systems that you can imagine.

Additionally, the best server hosting service providers ensure players get value-added support. These may not be technically-related but they are necessary for the overall quality of the player’s gaming experience.

Finding the best service provider that cares enough for every player to be able to provide them the perfect support service is a real blessing. Many players who would have been stuck on a level have succeeded because of the quality of the support system they have access to.

Starting and hosting your own FiveM Server

Before choosing from our list of FiveM servers, the first step to take is to be sure the server hosting service you are using is the absolute best you can find.

There are several ways to make sure of this. The most effective thing to do is to know what to look for in those server services. The following are some of those critical-to-success and critical-to-functionality capabilities to look for.

Get top hardware

Hardware quality plays a critical role in the quality of service a server hosting provider can offer you. The better the hardware, the better the overall quality of service. This is very important in many ways.

One is that the best hardware enables the longevity of the game. This is reflected in the fact that poor quality hardware can easily crash when putting to rigorous use. The best hardware also enables the best security protocols. It also enables speed and a high server processing power.

Automated installation

The best server hosting services make the installation process very convenient and easy for the user through automation. You don’t need to know any scripts or to know an awful lot to install the server and the GTA 5 game successfully. The installation is done for you automatically and you can be playing within minutes.

Intuitive server interface

The best server hosting services also enable player success through the intuitive server interface that it presents. The server control panel makes life easy for you and you don’t need any special skills to master it.

How To Install FiveM in order to join a server

The installation process of FiveM and the GTA 5 deployment through the mod is quite easy. Most of what players are to do are automated and done for them. this makes the installation process easy for them. The first step to take is to find a FiveM server to play on.

Once you have found the perfect option for you, then you can get the zip file and extract into a folder. Once that is done, you can easily run the file and connect your Grand Theft Auto 5 game directory to it. The server automatically downloads all the files you need for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing this manually.

Final Words

Finding the perfect FiveM server hosting service can significantly influence your Grand Theft Auto 5 game. Every player who wants to take their gameplay to the next level needs to know how to make the right server choice. This, however, is not a given.

Players must know what to look for in the best server hosting service for the game and they must know where to go on the internet to get the best server service. One of the most consistent providers on the internet is Aelog. Their reputation precedes them. Using their service assures players of the best quality server for the game.