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We at AElog have decided to research the internet for the best CSGO servers. We have in mind of providing gamers with the gaming opportunity they will not find elsewhere. Another thing about the CSGO servers on our list is that they are all tested and trusted by all.

Our trained and experienced team of gamers have taken time to confirm the features of each of the servers in our list to make sure that everyone enjoys satisfactory gaming with counter strike global offensive game.

You will find the best CSGO servers that will meet your gaming needs without safety or security issues when you take your time to check through our collection provided on the internet.

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The best CSGO server list on the internet

Many Counter-Strike gamers are looking for the best way to up their games. Some are finding it difficult to keep to the rules and regulations on their selected servers.

More so, most game fans are also confused about the right CSGO Server to choose when presented with large options to select the best. These and more are reasons the reasons we have decided to provide gamers with the best server list that will make it easy for them to enjoy fun gaming.

Another thing about the servers here is that they are handpicked with the interest of gamers considered. Any of the servers on our list is the best you can find anywhere on the internet.

That is why you should consider checking through our list today. There is no need sticking to a counter strike global offensive game server that has not benefited you when there is an array of options to choose on the internet.

Join & Play on the perfect server for you

The list of the servers on our platforms continues, and you have an opportunity of joining any of them for your gaming satisfaction. Ensure you confirm the experience of other gamers on the site before making up your mind on a server to join.

Another thing you should consider is the security and safety issues on the server. Most of the servers available on the internet are managed by those that do not have an interest in protecting the confidentiality of their gamers.

So, when you check through the list, you will find the right server for your fun gaming experience.

Factors to consider before joining a CSGO server

Most Counter Strike Global Offensive game players are complaining about having their personal information shared online. Some of the people complaining about the security issues they have on their account do not consider security when they choose a server.

To avoid you making the same mistakes, we have decided to provide you with the CSGO server list on our site. You will always discover the best way to take your gaming experience to another level as you select any of the handpicked game servers provided on our official gaming site.

Among other factors to consider before joining a CSGO server include:

  • The number of gamers on the server
  • The uptime of the server you want to choice
  • Security and safety features associated with the server
  • The experience of gamers using the server you want to join
  • The cost of joining the server
  • Testimonials of other gamers on the server you have selected.

About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game; it is the fourth game in the counter-strike series with multiplayer features.

In this series, a few adjustments were made to the original gameplay of the Counter strike game series. In comparison to other series of this first-person multiplayer game, weapon damage is increased to simulate the real-life fight.

Also, the bullet penetration through objects is greatly improved to look real and more convincing to the player. Many other things were added to make the gameplay more compelling, interesting, and fun for every player.

The radio commands for players and bots have been updated, allowing players to live their real life in the gaming world. More so, the Economy has been modified to give you more opportunity to showcase your skill, creativity, and overall ability to do certain things in the virtual world.

You do not have to worry about purchasing certain game items, such as ammunition and more. The graphical updates have been made more interesting and convincing in every ramification.


You will enjoy a fun gaming experience when you select a game server from our CSGO server list. The aim of this game is for two different teams to fight against each other. To make sure your team wins, dominate, and take the spoil of the opponent, you must be ready to do your best to recruit only the best fighters in your team.

The terrorist and counter-terrorist are the names given to both teams. So, you can choose to belong to any of them depending on the role you want to play in the fight.

If you choose the counter-terrorist team, your role will be to get rid of the counter-terrorists in the community. Completing the task is not easy, as you must showcase your fighting ability to avoid being defeated by the enemy.

CSGO terrorist player

The game mode you are into will determine the attacking tactics of the counter-terrorist or terrorists. Also, you can devise your fighting strategies in planting bombs or defending your hostages. More so, if you are fighting as a counter-terrorist, you must know the best way to prevent the bombs planted by the counter-terrorists from exploding. Interestingly, this game comes with several modes with distinct characteristics. All the players are rewarded at the end of the round based on their performance.

Game Currency

The game currency used as a reward for players can be used to buy weapons or other fighting tools in the next round of the game. More so, players are warned to be careful in their actions, as any action not in the favor of the team will result in a penalty. Killing your fellow teammate indiscriminately will result to sanction.

AElog is out to go allow every gamer to select the best server list. The selection of the game server will determine your overall experience. Most of the game servers come with rules that are difficult to keep. That is what made it necessary that you take your time to select compare various servers in the list to know the one that will always meet your gaming needs.

Take your time to pick the top CSGO servers that will enable you to set the rules and allow other gamers to join the server at your will. Our CSGO server list offered by our trained team is the best you can find on the internet at any given time.

Game Modes

This amazing multiplayer first-person video game has very interesting and fair gameplay. The primary task is to eliminate your opponents and stay alive. This game is not just all about skill and tactics; it is also about quality servers.

As a good player, learn how to use the map, know how to use grenades, and other explosives. More so, learn how to position yourself while shooting enemies and so much more.

Furthermore, CSGO has a total of 9 main game modes to ensure you never get bored while playing.

CSGO in E-Sports

CSGO is a popular game in the E-sports scene. At the moment, there are three types of competitions on the professional E-sports scene, namely Tournaments, Leagues, and Major Events.


Here is the most popular format you can find as you check through server Esports scene. Hosts organize tournaments, which can last some days, depending on the number of teams taking part in the tournament.

If there are a high number of teams in the tournament, it will take a while to reach the final match. At the time, some tournaments have prizes surpassing one hundred thousand dollars.


A lot of leagues are played throughout the year, and some of the team includes the best teams. Even though some leagues may be competitive, they may not be attracting a lot of talent.

As in every competitive sport, the best teams from lower leagues advance to higher leagues where they will be allowed to compete with the best CSGO teams around the world. The best team advances to a higher level much better, and the finishers drop out of the leagues.

Major Events

The major events are similar to tournaments, but they are not the same. The events have at least one million dollars in the prize pool. Major events have a souvenir drop, which is not the case with tournaments. Major events can last for over two weeks, and they have a high viewership of up to one million viewers.

Why you should host your own CSGO server

CSGO is best enjoyed when played with friends and fellow gamers, hence the need for high-speed servers to enable you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

We provide you with the server List for the first-person shooter game CSGO. To survive in this game, you should act faster than your opponent. A well-skilled player playing with a lagged server will lose.

That is why we do our best to provide players with the best server list to make their selection. Also, our prime concern is to give you super fast and low ping time servers for a smooth gaming experience where you can use your skills to the max without worrying about anything except your enemies.

Features of CSGO server hosting

Excellent performance

Your server will keep running smoothly with no issues at all as we offer a very high processing power. At Aelog, we offer all kinds of plans for all kinds of the budget from just a few player slots to up to 64. When you reach your server capacity, you can easily expand your RAM with just a few clicks.


We provide 24/7 support to our customers. Some people may find it difficult to set up the server, but not to worry because our support will assist you in setting up your server and will answer to complaints you have about configuring and accessing your server. We have staff on standby so you can be assured that whenever you reach out to us we will reply you quickly and offer effective answers to whatever problems you face.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access

You can effectively transfer files or add modifications to your games easily. You can save files, keep your backups and switch between games easily.

Easy Setup

When you host your server with here at the on our site we offer to help you setup your server within a short period after you ordered it, you will be provided with numerous choices, to customize and configure your servers.

When you order your CSGO server, it comes with the default settings you can change any of these settings only if you are sure of what you are doing. After the server has been set up, you can instantly start playing your game.

Final Words

We aim to provide you with the best CSGO server list that will meet your needs. Also, our highly trained technical support team is at your service. We continually invest in the latest hardware to ensure you have the perfect gaming experience. Also, we provide customized network optimized for game servers.