7 Days to Die Server List: Find The Best Servers

#1: HyPixel

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#2: XenoBlox


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We list the best 7 days to die servers online for gamers to enjoy their gaming experience. There are a lot of servers on the internet that suits different needs.

With up to 10 million copies sold, 7 days to die is the best survival game with crafting and world-building content. The game is set in the aftermath of a nuclear attack that destroyed a large part of the world, except for some areas like the fictional country of Navezgane.

The player is a survivor of the third world war who must survive by finding food, water, and shelter and also fight off zombies. Zombies are usually slow during daylight hours and can only be a threat when they come in large numbers.

When the sun comes down, their hunger for human flesh increases, and they become faster. For six days and nights, the player has to focus on crafting and fortifying their bases in preparation for the seventh night when a large horde of zombies will attack.

7 days to die servers

Things to know about our best server list for 7 Days to Die

Multiplayer mode is available through player hosted servers and allows players to communicate with each other. Players can run their servers, or they can use a hosting provider. Worlds for single players have LAN (Local area network) support, which allows players to join on locally interconnected computers without requiring a server.

You can join these servers simply by copying their IP address to your client. These servers can support up to 32 players at a time.

Now, the big question is, how do you know the right 7 days to die server to join. With great survival gameplay, a combination of the first-person shooter, tower defense, combat, crafting, looting, mining, character growth, and exploration, you have a lot to enjoy.

One of these games is wildlife, which can be hunted by the player for food or the player be hunted by it. The game features have been continuously updated since the launch of the game.

On every seventh day of the game, according to in-game time, hordes of zombies attack the player location, and unless the player has made sufficient preparation and set up defenses, they will be killed.

How to join a 7 Days to Die server

A server is used for playing with multiple people on the same map. These servers can be hosted by yourself by a server hosting company. These servers can support up to 20-30 players at a time.

To join a 7 Days to Die server, you need to download Steam. Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for games, and millions of users play games on it daily. Steam is free to use and download.

How to download and install Steam

  • Visit their website at https://store.steampowered.com.
  • Click the button that says install steam.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you can download Steam, click on install Steam and the setup file will start to download.
  • When the setup file finishes downloading, click on the file and the setup wizard should guide you through the installation process.
  • Once the setup finishes, you are ready to use Steam and you can now purchase games to play on your computer and get involved with the steam community.

Joining your preferred 7 days to die server on Steam

  • Open your control panel
  • Copy the IP and port required
  • Open Steam, click on view and then servers
  • Click on the favorites tab and click on the add server button.
  • Copy your server’s IP address and paste it in the space provided.
  • Open the game, filter the list by favorites.
  • Click on join and enjoy your game.

You can also go for 7 days to die servers by clicking on the provided button to link up to the server in the game. With that, you will find several servers listed with the information provided, such as the server’s name, hosting name, model, country, and more. To become a member of a server, you need to input your name in the space.

Another way to connect to your preferred server is by typing the IP address in the space provided. You can enquire about the host’s Internet Protocol Address of the host and then copy and paste. The default port number is known to be 25000 is the default, click on start to begin your game. To join a server, you must have the same version as the host for you to join.

Starting with multiplayer servers in 7 days to die

If you’re new to 7 days to die, the first step is to play as a single-player before joining a server so you can master the building of defensive bases, explore the map, and learn survival, hunting and crafting tips, and figure out the best strategy for you to level up and survive.

7 days to die has a PvP (Player versus player) mode and PvE (Player versus enemy) mode.

Seven days to die has a great PvP mode where you can compete with other players on a server. This mode has more traps than the normal player versus enemy mode, so you’ll need to learn the strategy and other tips. At the start, you will need to choose a server that will suit your needs.

Each server has its setting, so it is important to understand these settings to know what they mean. It should also contain information about the rules and settings of the game.
There should be some sort of settings that you should do when choosing a server.

  • Claim duration: This shows the period of time your land block stays active while you are offline.
  • Drop on death: This indicates which parts of your inventory you lose when you die.
  • Claim dead zone: This shows the distance to your enemy’s land claim block.

Also, try many servers to find the one most suitable for you. Some are easier for new players and some may be too difficult for new players. Ensure that you pay attention to all these details before settling for a server.

Every server has its map, which is randomly generated. Its environments and its boundaries are set by the owners of the server. It is advisable to talk to the players on that server to find out everything there is to know about the map you have selected.

Things to know before you start playing on a 7 days to die server

  • “Yucca fruit as well as plant fibers” are your main sources of food.
  • The bigger the map, the lesser chance you will have to find animals and zombies due to the large numbers of players.
  • Yucca juice can be a substitute to water.
  • From time to time, you will get and airdrop of supplies. It can be defined on the 7 days to die server you choose, it is important to learn when and how these airdrops will take place.

Things to do when playing on a 7 days to die server

  • Build your base. A base could be anything from a building you find along the road to a hole in the ground large enough to keep your properties or a shack you built with your tools.
  • Do not set up your farm close to your base as this will make your base easy to spot. Farm your food in another area and use some cover-up materials.
  • Avoid the edges of the map as this will make it harder to cover long distances. Experienced players explore the edges of the map looking for novice players who do not know this.
  • When you locate an interesting spot, remember to put a marker on it.
    Ensure you have enough melee weapons, ammo and guns so you can survive anything that comes your way.
  • If you find a building with little or no defenses and a player inside, do not raid yet. It is probably a new player and you won’t gain much from raiding them. Mark the place and come back when they’ve grown so you will gain much from raiding them.

Survival tips when playing on a 7 days to die server

  • Never keep your precious items in one place, hide them in different places. In case you are raided by enemy players, you can be sure they will not be able to find all your treasures.
  • Find or craft a strong armor as it will protect you from gunshots at least until you are able to escape from the danger zone.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid screamers. Screamers are mobs that react to campfire light by screaming thereby attracting hordes of zombies.
  • Do not ignore airdrops, be careful when approaching them though because other players will most certainly be competing for them too.
  • Find a machete, this is a very valuable, silent and powerful melee weapon
    It is advisable to play with headphones as this will greatly enhance your chances of hearing distant sounds.

Gameplay Modes

7 days to die has three gameplay modes; The Creative, Survival MP and Survival SP modes.

Creative mode

This gameplay mode was introduced in Alpha 9.3, in creative mode, the zombies appear a distance away from the player. The player can have access to unlimited supplies by using the creative menu interface, this can be done by clicking “U” on PC.

This mode is available for both single and multiplayer. Navezgane is the only map available for the mode. There are Good mode options that allow players to fly but at a cost of higher food, water, and stamina usage. Damage cannot be done to players in this mode.

Players spawn in a random area with limited supplies and items, but with the use of the creative menu, they can start building and crafting in no time.

Survival MP

MP stands for multiplayer. The multiplayer mode can consist of PvE and PvP depending on the rules of your server. This mode can be played with a private group by creating a game and inviting players. Players who host servers themselves will have the ability to set the difficulty levels and rules.

Official servers will have pre-set rules to follow. The map available to players depends on the choice of the server admin. It could be Navezgane or it could be a randomly generated map. When players start the game, they will spawn at a random location with water, one land claim block, one bandage, a torch and a can of chili.

Survival SP

SP stands for a single player. The mode does not make use of the multiplayer and land protection options as in the multiplayer mode. Players spawn at random spots with the same beginning items as multiplayer mode except for the land claim block. The map options are the same as multiplayer mode, Navezgane, or Randomly generated.

There are lots of 7 days to die servers. We here at Aelog have only compiled the servers we think are best for you. You can join any of these servers to see for yourself whether or not it appeals to you. We wish the best as you enter the post-apocalyptic landscape to craft, build, and scavenge your way to survival.