About Us

Before you throw weight in support of service online, it is necessary to take time to understand what the objective and aim of the company. We know that you will like to know a little more about us and our belief in the game hosting service then decided to provide comprehensive information about our services and what we stand for as a company. AELog is a team of professionals ready to meet the needs of their customers at any point in time.

We are experts in game server hosting

At AELog, we work together as a team to exceed the expectation of gamers from different parts of the world. We have a dedicated group of experts; working together to make sure the gaming world is made more satisfying and entertaining.

To make sure we maintain the top position in the hosting world, we offer the following:

  • Dedicated and devoted gamers
  • Innovative and smart marketers
  • Trained and experienced marketers.

The exciting thing about us is that we focus on achieving one goal, which is to enhance the experience of gamers. That is what made us the best in the industry.

Our trained and trusted team

We have the best team of experts with more than 3.5 decades of combined experience. Our years of experience in game server hosting has made it easy for us to deliver more than our customers expected. Unlike other hosting companies that are set up to make money, we are here to make your gaming livelier, enjoyable, better, and faster.

The server host service offered by AELog is always the best as it comes with remarkable results. Starting from our Founder and CEO, customer support to the server and hosting experts in our team, are the best you can find in the industry.

Why we are unique in the gaming world

If you want a reliable server for your Minecraft, FiveM, or Rust gaming, we are here to meet your needs. No matter the video game server you want to host, we are ready to make complete it within a record time.

Also, we do our best to make sure that gamers are not exposed to stress during and after the hosting service. Another thing is that we believe in providing our customers with reliable, speedy, and high performing servers without charging a lot of money.

Some other things that made our service the best among other hosting services on the internet include:

  • 99% happy customers
  • Maximum uptime of about 99%
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Team members with decades of combined experience.

Our mission

We are out to ensure maximum satisfaction to all gamers that come to us for hosting service. The gaming community is such that people start with a little amount of money, and we are aware of that.

So, we have created a hosting service with high performance at a competitive price. Our staff‘s dedication is unmatched in the gaming world. These are among the things that made us the best for your hosting needs.